Durham Ballet Theatre

welcome to dbt

Welcome to Durham Ballet Theatre, formerly known as Legacy Repertory Company. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for performers to share their talents. We believe performing arts are a gift meant to be shared with everyone in the community.

winterfest & cinderella auditions

Winterfest Auditions for Aerial and Modern/Contemporary coming in September 2017
Cinderella Auditions coming in January 2018


Interested in Durham Ballet Theatre productions? If so, we would like you to join one of our listservs.  Select either the Parents Group, which provides important information if you are directly involved in our performances, or the DBT Info Group, which is for thoste who want to receive informaton about our company, such as show dates and times, and other events we may hold.  Of course, you're welcome to join both!

Durham Ballet Theatre (DBT) would not be what it is today without community support. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for performers to share their talents. We have made it our mission to increase accessibility to the performing arts in our community by believing performing arts are a gift meant to be shared with everyone within the community.

We are looking for additional board members who are dedicated to our mission, passionate for our vision, and joyfully enthusiastic about our work. Board members should represent a talented group in various fields, including marketing, fundraising, legal issues, dance and arts administration.

Giving back to your community by supporting the arts with your leadership experience is both an energizing and nourishing professional opportunity.

If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact one of our board members. 

donate to dbt

While DBT is funded through ticket sales, we also rely on fundraisers and the generousity of donors. By donating to DBT you will be listed on our "Circle of Radiance" page on our website. You will also see your name in our playbill.

If you believe in the importance of the arts in our community as much as we do, then please help us continue to bring our beautiful shows to the Triangle area. If you would like to join our Circle of Radiance then please click on the "Donate" button in our menu.

news & events

Durham Ballet Theatre has completed it's ninth season with it's production of Peter Pan. This was the seventh year we have been able to offer a free performance to those with special needs. This was our best season yet with over 1700 audience members viewing a show.

We are looking forward to our Winterfest December 2nd & 3rd, 2017 and our May, 2018 performance of Cinderella. Please keep an eye out for additional details in the coming months.

While the summer is when most folks take a holiday, we will be working behind the scenes getting things done.

We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you soon!


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Durham Arts Council

DAC is a private nonprofit dedicated to supporting the arts in Durham and the Triangle Region in North Carolina.

Founded in 1954, Allied Arts occupied several facilities before moving into the former City Hall on Morris Street in 1978, three years after changing its name to Durham Arts Council, Inc. In the mid 1980s, after a three year renovation, the city-owned building became DAC's long term home and, together with the adjacent Carolina Theatre, part of the Royall Center for the Arts in Downtown Durham.

Durham Culture

A visit to Durham puts a wealth of culture at your fingertips, whether you're looking for avant garde visual art, high energy theater and dance, compelling history, or fascinating museums. Explore Durham Culture to find upcoming events and learn about the arts and culture you can find here.

North Carolina Arts Council

North Carolina is known throughout the world for its pottery traditions, literary legacy, Southern Appalachian music traditions, jazz, blues and gospel heritage, and an abundance of artists and arts institutions. Recognizing the state’s rich cultural climate, the Arts Council was established to strengthen North Carolina’s creativity, invention and prosperity. In 1967 the Arts Council published its first survey of the arts in the state. There were 17 local arts councils and 233 other arts organizations.

North Carolina Arts Council, making North Carolina a better state through the arts.

City of Durham

Durham is known as the City of Medicine because almost one in four Durham workers is employed in health care or a health-related industry. But that's not all.

Durham is a canvas covered with a unique cultural identity. There is a culture of art and creativity expressed through visuals, performances, and food. There is a palpable sense of history. And there are countless opportunities for nightlife, shopping, and exploring nature. There's so much that even locals are always finding new things to do. So drop by and get to know the Bull City.

Time Remaining Until Peter Pan!