DBT Cirle of Radiance

Durham Ballet Theatre is a 501(C)3, non-profit public charity. We appreciate the generous support from individuals and organizations that make it possible for DBT to stage spectacular productions year after year. Our deepest gratitude to the sponsors of the free performance for the special needs community. These charitable donations allow us to also focus on our organization’s mission to increase accessibility to the performing arts for underserved populations.

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Join Our Circle!

Durham Ballet Theatre was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing performance opportunities to budding artists in Durham and surrounding areas. While built on a philosophy of purely classical technique, DBT also embraces elements of showmanship and stagecraft such as aerial dance, costuming and makeup, preparing our pre-professionals for all aspects of a future dance career as well as entertaining audiences of several thousand patrons per year. Our company differs from others in the area because we actively seek individuals of all ages and physical abilities to participate in our productions. We believe this broadens the concept of performing arts in the community and is more reflective of the audiences we seek to build.

In order to achieve our mission we need your help. Durham Ballet Theatre is writing to offer you or your company, the opportunity join our "Circle of Radiance" and bring the Arts to all people in the triangle area by donating to our non-profit Arts endeavors. Your donation will place you in one of our donor tiers and based on the amount of your donation will allow us to thank you publicly in our program playbill.

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2016 Sponsors: City of Durham Annual Event Fund, The Appliance Center, Jeannie & Linda Engle, Stephen Finch, Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Marcus, Barri Payne, Gil & Diane Rodriguez, Paul Scheible CPA, PLLC

2015 Sponsors: Dr. Deborah Conner, Stephen Finch, Drs. Julie and Anthony Lindsey, Barri Payne Family Law and Mediation, JiggityJig Web Designs, Kaye Products Inc, Victoria and David Rubin, Gil & Diane Rodriguez, Paul Scheible, CPA, PLLC

2016: The Appliance Center, City of Durham Annual Event Fund, Clark Egerton - Fidelity Investments' Volunteer Voices program, JiggityJig Web Designs, Stephen Finch, Todd Nye, Barri Payne Family Mediation, Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Marcus, Jennifer Crichlow, Jeannie & Linda Engle, Terry Marcellin-Little, Gil & Diane Rodriguez, Paul Scheible CPA, PLLC, Wayne Dankner, Shelia Drobot, Julie Mell, Anne Goodwin in honor of Rhianna & Rhoslyn Brant, Laurie Holljes, Gladys Yam, Derek & Rebecca Rodriguez, Lisa Kerns

2015: Alastair Browne, Drs. Julia and Anthony Lindsey, Maria Savage, Stephen Finch, Barri Payne Family Law and Mediation, Kaye Products, Inc, Marc Ryser, Gil & Diane Rodriguez, Victoria & David Rubin, Paul Scheibel, CPA, PLLC, Chris Carter, Curious Kiwi Books - John Craton, Dave DeVito, Jeannie & Linda Engle, Joline & Ted Hodges, Agnieszka Kokot, Don Rees, David Van de Vusse, Nikki Wingate, Sally Yeung, Rachel Bergman, ShaLeigh Comerford, Jeff Cornell, Lenora Hunter, Marisa Kathard, Malcolm Kendall, John Latane, Cornelia Lauf, Wanyi Ng, Vince Parham, Lana Reichert, Derek & Rebecca Rodriguez, Rosalyn Shaw, Liz Turner, Geoff Zeger, Martha Adamo, Alice Bumgardner, Lauren Dixon, Mary Houston, Greg Hulka, Kelly Keady, Mayara Lopes, Hugh Mace, Evelyn McCauley Design, Beth Meuller, Marie Middleton, Ian Ovenden, Pierson Family, Steven Phillips, Laura Siegel, Greg Towner, Muijoo Wee

2014: Cathy Breshears, Alice Bumgarner, Stephen Finch, Ali Don Forsythe, Eric Hale, The Hodges Family, JiggityJig Web Designs, Adrena Johnson, Kaye Products, Inc, Drs. Julie and Anthony Lindsey, Dr. Julie Lindsey, Duke Primary Care Meadowmont, Vince Parham, Barri Payne Family Law and Mediation, The Pierson Family, Catherine Preston, Lana Reichert, Derek and Rebecca Rodriguez, Gil and Diane Rodriguez, Victoria & ​David ​Rubin, Paul Scheible, CPA, Tunrning Point Family CARE, Nikki Wingate, Andrea G. Wolfe

Through your generous contributions, DBT will be able to enhance the community by providing a quality dance experience to underserved populations such as free-of-charge performances for group homes, physically challenged individuals, and low-income individuals to name but a few. We endeavor to include people from all walks of life through our open auditions. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to achieve our mission of providing a training company for dancers, singers and actors of all ages who wish to:

1) Go on to have professional careers in the field of the performing arts

2) Extend their careers

3) Have a sub-career in the profession of the performing arts

Durham Ballet Theatre does not discriminate on the basis of age, citizenship, color, disability, gender identity or expression, race, religion, creed, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or status as a disabled veteran or veteran of any war era.

Know that YOUR contribution is truly valued. We are a small company with limited resources, and without your assistance, nothing we do would be possible. We hope that you can help a performer’s dream come true with your donation. The dream of dance is alive because of YOU!

Boleyn Willis-Zeger
Artistic Director

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