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Durham Ballet Theatre was founded on April 7, 2009 as Legacy Studios Repertory Company in response to a perceived need in the community for a pre-professional performance company that was open to all ages, ethnicities, abilities and genders. We amended the name of the company to Durham Ballet Theatre on May 16, 2016.

Community Involvement

DBT is very interested in expanding our performances into our community on a consistent basis to afford all an opportunity to experience the beauty and healing power of the performing arts.

Our vision is to bring choreography to various diverse community organizations in an effort to enable participating individuals the opportunity to express themselves by accessing their own stories through the medium of dance.

DBT will continue to offer our programs, pro bono, to those that would otherwise find it challenging to access the arts particularly via special performances, and will continue to have open auditions so that all members of the community regardless of abilities have the opportunity to perform with our company.


The goal of DBT is to create an artistic platform that is culturally inclusive while promoting artistry, development of technique, and dance in all its forms. DBT takes pride in the fact that our company is very diverse; we cast solely from auditions that are open to the public. We strive to see more children and adults, of diverse ethnic backgrounds and varied abilities, find their way to performing with our company. The goal is to change the perception of the “traditional” performer because we believe that ballet in particular, is commonly seen as the purview of the perfectly formed, white elite. Our company and its culture differs from others in our area in that we also welcome and encourage non-professional adults to perform in our productions and other venues. In addition, we also encourage children ages 5 and older to audition for our performances.

Future Plans

DBT plans to expand on our endeavors in the coming years so that we could have at least one small performance or showing bimonthly. DBT would like to not only take our performances into more nursing homes, but also to local medical centers, children's units, staff appreciation days, at local benefits and to perform in state hospitals for the differently-abled. We also plan on arranging more lecture-demonstrations for members of the public that would like to develop a better understanding of dance, ballet and aerial dance (where possible) in general, considering these are our company's strengths. We are, and will continue to be, looking for more opportunities to take our company into new areas.

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