DBT Auditions


Auditions are held at the Durham School for Ballet & the Performing Arts (DSBPA), 608 North Duke Street. (DSBPA is located across from Durham School of the Arts.)  In person auditions are closed for Peter Pan. 

Our auditions are open to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and differences in abilities. DBT is committed to providing performance opportunities in ballet, modern dance, aerial, theatre and vocal arts in our community whether the performer is pursuing a creative outlet or a professional career.

Winterfest Auditions for Aerial and Modern/Contemporary coming in September, 2017.  Cinderella Auditions coming in January 2018.

dance & character roles

Dance and character auditions for Peter Pan have concluded. All dance / character roles have been assigned.

To stay apprised of updates and information we request you subscribed our listserv.

aerial & lyra roles

Aerial and lyra auditions for our Spring, 2017 presentation of Peter Pan have concluded. All aerial roles have been assigned. If you have not subscribed to the listserv you may do so here.

download forms

Dance / Character - Registration form for all dancing and character roles. - (No Longer Available)
Dance / Character - Spanish Version - This is the Spanish version form. - (No Longer Available)
Aerial / Lyra - Registration for for all aerial and lyra dance roles. - (No Longer Available)
Liability Waiver - Waiver to hold harmless DBT in case of injury.
Photo Waiver - Allow DBT the use of any photo for publicity purposes. 

off-season auditions

Durham Ballet Theatre is looking for dancers, aerialists and other performers with diverse dance backgrounds to join us for our off-season performances in the Fall of each year. Off-season audition calls will be posted here.  If you would like to be notified of all audition calls the please sign up for our listserv.

If you are unable to make the audition in person, we accept recorded auditions. Please follow these instructions:

Upload a youtube video of you dancing a combination in your chosen dance style or acting/singing skills. Your dance video can be ballet, modern, or aerial. The video should be at least one minute in length, not to exceed 5 minutes. Once you've uploaded your video, please email us at auditions@durhamballettheatre.org and let us know.  Include your name, age, how many years you've been performing, and which roles you want.

In general, each cast member is required to sell at least 5 tickets to the performance and one $50 ad for the playbill. If there are siblings or parent / child performers, ticket and ad requirements are for the entire family.

Off Season Auditions: Winterfest Auditions for Aerial and Modern/Contemporary coming in September, 2017


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Time Remaining Until Peter Pan!